FxAndy Film Simulation Plug-in Now Available for Final Cut

February 11, 2010
by EventDV

Rediscover 90 years of traditional films in B&W and color! FxAndy, the film simulator for Final Cut, takes your digital footage back to the film era with picture perfect simulations of image-making classics including Velvia, Eterna, Tri-X, Agfachrome, Kodachrome and many more.

According to developer Sean M Puckett, FxAndy translates digital footage data into a realistic simulation of a film camera complete with full color filter control, exposure control, film type selector with latitude adjustments and processing variations, darkroom and enlarger, classic papers with variations and adjustments — and a few digital-world tweaks to add even more versatility.

Unlike real film, FxAndy makes getting clean footage easy with exposure compensation, no dangerous chemicals, consistent colour timing, simple latitude adjustments and — most importantly — no wondering where you’ll find the next warehouse stash of long-discontinued film.

FxAndy is a real simulator, not a collection of presets. This means most aspects of the transformation are customisable and keyframable, including colour filtration, exposure times, density and film latitude. Black and white emulsions can be forced to render colour, and colour emulsions can be treated as B&W. Push/pull processing is easy to simulate with underexposure at the camera and overexposure in the print. That’s the beauty of a true simulation: possibilities.

FxAndy is fast when it needs to be, and precise when it should be. It’s optimized for fast previewing with an 8-bit real-time path so editing sessions don’t slow down. FxAndy also has a full floating-point path for high-bit rendering. HD and cinema output is clean and free of posterisation — if the source data is!

FxAndy is the brother of Andrea, the pre-eminent film simulator for the RAW photo processor Bibble 5. Andrea is an essential part of the style of professional still photographers all over the world. And now, with the completely rewritten and speed optimized Final Cut plugin FxAndy, the same looks are finally available for cinema.


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