Digital Juice Tutorials

February 21, 2010
by Digital Juice

Since February 2003, Digital Juice has produced almost 420 tutorials mostly sponsoring their own vast array of products and partner product hardware and software training (sandbags, contour shuttle for editors, and teleprompters to Filter Forge, XML Transfer, and BorisFX Chroma Key, for example). The tutorials teach you how to use their products effectively but, secondly, also subliminally sell their products. After you watch their demo you think…”how cool was that!…I GOTTA HAVE IT!” I, myself, have recently ventured into self-training with Video Co-Pilot’s Andrew Kramer’s After Effects tutorials— so when I see some of these Digital Juice products and their use in After Effects, I am swayed to open up my wallet.

Browse through their site by clicking on the DJ icon below and see what I mean. Most recent tuts are introductory to intermediate in nature. I can’t wait to dive in and extend my credit card limit!

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