Twenty Five Years of Industry Video Experience

It all started for me in 1981 with a friend’s super-8mm film camera and a love of super-hero and monster movies…
As a film major at Ithaca College, New York from 1983 to 1987 I realized the difficulties of obtaining a steady paying job in the motion picture industry well before my graduation. After my freshman year, I delved into other media such as radio and television production. At the college television station, WICB, I worked on a variety of programs as cameraman, audio mixer, and technical director. Upon graduating in 1987, I obtained a cameraman job at Colony Communications NewsCenter 6 in Wappingers Falls, NY and a Master Control Crew Chief position at WTZA (now RNN) Channel 62 in Kingston, NY until 1993 when I relocated to the Washington DC area. I worked part time for the Goodlife TV Network (now AmericanLife TV Network) in Alexandria VA for a year as a Master Control Crew Chief before obtaining a video/AV contractor position at the Central Intelligence Agency in 1998. It was there that I taught myself nonlinear editing via the Avid MCExpress. I went on to obtain a government video editor job at the Office of Naval Intelligence in 2000 where I have been ever since.

Summary of Qualifications:

Senior Video Production Specialist with the Department of Defense with more than ten years of consistent production, editing, video and audio recording experience including:
• Overall development, direction and creation of routine and specialized video programs including production, editing, video and audio recording. Samples of work include documentaries, training videos, in-house commercials, briefings and vignettes.
• Implementing new integrated technologies within a team environment
• Systems management includes Final Cut Pro editing suite, Final Cut Server, DV and HD cameras, studio equipment, lighting, and engineering of audio-visual signals.
• Highly experienced training supervisor, video production manager, technical director, staff team leader, SAN and Mac administrator.

Expert proficiency at working in all media and web formats utilizing emerging digital conversion and compression software such as Sorenson Squeeze.

Effects software to include Boris Continuum 6, Fx Factory, Coremelt, and Motion (After Effects, in progress).

Solves complex technical problems by utilizing a myriad of advanced audio-video hardware and software applications along with ingenuity; often develops unique alternatives to meet production requirements.

Applies initiative and forward thinking skills to streamline production requirements, work flow management and visual media developments.

Demonstrates exemplary decision-making skills in all facets of video production including logistics, layout and timing of the edit process, and final duplication.

Confident, dedicated, enthusiastic professional with a passion for the industry and its emerging technologies.

Strong camera work skills enables video shoots to be captured in both professional and creative fashions.

Through dedicated training and education, I continue to sharpen my abilities in new emerging video technologies, streaming and compression.

Nonlinear Editors I have worked with:
Avid (Media Composer) MCExpress, 1998-2000
Accom Affinity Editing System, 2000-2002
Apple Final Cut Pro, 2002-Present

Minor use with Pinnacle and Premiere systems

Software I have worked with includes:
FinalCut Studio, iShowU HD,
Boris Continuum 7, iLife ‘11,
FX Factory, Photo Presenter,
Pulp Motion, Plural Eyes,
Rapid Weaver, Art Text,
Google Earth, iWork ‘09,
Squeeze 6.5, Media Cleaner,
Flip4Mac, FotoMagico,
Magic Bullet Looks, ComicLife,
Toast 10, MS Office,
Photoshop, Juicer (Digital Juice),
OSX 9.2 to 10.6, Final Cut Server,
After Effects CS5, Coremelt,
Video Co-Pilot

For a sample of video clips as well as my Video Resume, kindly click here…


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