Final Cut Pro – The Secrets of the Right-Pointing Arrow

November 2, 2010

Courtesy of Larry Jordan, DC Metro Final Cut Pro’s

Final Cut Pro – The Secrets of the Right-Pointing Arrow

It’s almost impossible to see… and equally impossible to live without.


Right Pointing Arrow


A great deal of the look of the Timeline is controlled from an itty-bitty, teeny-tiny, right-pointing arrow at the bottom of the Timeline. It is certainly not obvious, so look closely just to the right of the four-column track height bar chart.

Click the arrow and look at all the choices you have. Each of these is a toggle. Select, or deselect, each one and watch what happens.


Final Cut Pro – Displaying Audio or Video Clip Names

You just learned where this was. Now discover another use for it.


Clip Names


Remember that small, right-pointing arrow I just mentioned? Well, here’s why it’s nice to know.

Starting with Final Cut Pro 6.0.2, you can now toggle the display of audio or video clip names in the Timeline. This is useful when you are trying to set audio level or opacity keyframes and the name keeps getting in the way.

The only problem is that this toggle is darn near impossible to find.

At the bottom of the timeline, just to the right of the small bar chart, is that tiny right-pointing arrow. Click it and check, or uncheck, the clip names you want to hide.

They can be turned back on by repeating this same process.

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