Improve Your Motion Graphics With This Free Training Video

November 25, 2010

Learn to better leverage your Boris skills with The Art of Motion Graphics; this video demonstrates the core concepts that every video editor should know about good motion graphic design. You’ll understand how to manipulate color and space to make your motion graphics smooth and sharp, how theme and variation affect the mood of your graphics, and how you can use these tricks to enhance your video.

Develop the Skills to Create Stellar Video
Videomaker, the premiere resource for video production training, is teaming up with Boris to invite all Boris users to receive Videomaker‘s free Editing Tips. And to better show the value that Videomaker training provides, Boris users receive the free training video download, The Art of Motion Graphics.

An Exclusive Opportunity for Boris Users
Normally this video can only be found as part of Videomaker‘s Advanced Video Editing DVD ($24.95), but you can download it absolutely free when you Take advantage of this exciting opportunity to get free email Editing Tips. This offer is exclusively available to Boris users and is for a limited time only.

3 Reasons You’ll Love These Free Editing Tips

  1. They’re informative. You’ll be getting advice straight from the experts. Our editors have collected these tips through many years of teaching and practicing the art of editing video, so they know exactly what professional editors need to know to make the grade. Learn all about color correction, simple compositing, making motivated edits, removing unwanted objects, manipulating time, and so much more.
  2. They’re convenient. No more scavenging across the web on the lookout for editing tips. With Videomaker editing tips, we send a new tip directly to your in-box every week. Get the information you need without any hassle.
  3. They’re free! There is absolutely no cost for receiving these weekly email tips. All this useful professional advice could cost you hundreds of dollars if you were to seek it out at lectures and seminars, but with these tips won’t cost you a penny.

And, remember, when you join you get a little something extra! Receive Videomaker‘s Guide to Motion Graphics, an indispensable guide to creating professional quality motion graphics.


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Improve Your Motion Graphics With This Free Training Video

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