Editing Tip: Motivated Editing

December 1, 2010

by VideoMaker

Though it is the simplest way to transition from one shot to the next, making a natural-looking cut can be tricky. If you’re not careful, you could end up with a series of jump cuts which can be jarring to the viewer. The best way to make an otherwise obvious cut is to make a motivated edit.

One way to achieve a motivated edit is to use the on-screen conversation to determine the timing of your cut, known as the “shot/reverse shot” technique. For example, when Subject A asks Subject B a question, cut to Subject B for the response. You can then cut back, again, to Subject A for the reaction to the absurdity of Subject B’s response. Cutting in this fashion will allow the viewer to follow the conversation in a manner which feels natural.

By making motivated edits each shot will run smoothly into the next which will create a seemingly continuous flow of shots. Once you’re able to master this technique, your edits will be flawless and your videos will begin to look more professional.

For more ideas on how to get from one shot to the next check out Editing Motivation.

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Editing Tip: Motivated Editing

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