The Documentary on How to Make a Documentary

December 3, 2010

by Guy Noffsinger, Producer/Editor

The Documentary on How to Make a Documentary
(or feature film or music video or epic home movie)

I’ve known Guy Noffsinger for almost ten years now.  We met after 9-11 at the Office of Naval Intelligence in DC and worked on a 60 minute “History Channel” type unclassified documentary on the History of Operational Intelligence.  Not an easy subject to tackle!  Guy took the reigns on this production working with the talent, narrator, and Executive Producer.  We spent many a long day and night for 18 months on this project, probably his first long form documentary he created.   I was his lead editor and we became good friends.  (see a clip segment at:  Even after he left DC for Hollywood, we kept in touch, and now he’s back living in the same suburban DC town as me. I look forward to working with him on a similar project or more in the future!

“How to Make a Documentary” is a unique approach to showing the film industry secrets of making a professional looking film. If you have ever had that inner desire to take that idea in your head and turn it into a production worthy of Discovery Channel or NatGeo, then start here FIRST. Using comedy narration along with motivational inspiration, you will journey into a simplified yet realistic approach to planning, shooting and eventually completing any film or video production. This is the video to use as a tool again and again to really help you decide if you are up for the challenge and how to make it happen without driving you, your family or anyone else crazy or into the poor house.

If you ever considered reading a “How To” book on film-making, then this is the DVD for you. Within its twenty chapters are real nuggets of industry knowledge to really refine your thoughts and ideas to successfully make a film. With on location interviews, comedic animations and sound advice, anyone watching this DVD, young or old, amateur, or pro, will certainly learn more about making your OWN film in a way that can help bring success.

Here is a very short sample of the entertaining and educational DVD. We know you will want to watch it again and again along your film-making journey.

If you really want to understand the basic foundations of film production, especially as it applies to documentaries, then the 20 chapters of this fun DVD are perfect for you.

This easy to apply program for a minimal investment will bring you quickly into the family of film and video production professionals no matter your location or experience. The DVD series is a cost effective and simple introduction to see if you really want to make a film and how to complete it successfully with extra money in your pocket.  Click here to order the DVD or view a sample of one of the chapters…

How to Make a Documentary

or to order the DVD directly from, click here…

Order the DVD here...

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