Editing Tip: The Art of Editing

December 27, 2010

by VideoMaker Magazine


A common misconception about editing is that it’s as easy as cutting and pasting clips together. In its most basic form, editing is that simple. However, perfecting the art of editing takes time and dedication, as well as a firm grasp on advanced editing techniques. One of these techniques is proper pacing.

Obtaining a good pace in your video is one way to keep your audience engaged in what you are presenting to them. To get the proper pacing for your video you should not only consider the type of video you’re making and the target audience, but the length, variety and rhythm of your shots, as well.

The length of each shot will lend itself to the overall feel of the video. Short, quick shots are great for high-energy videos, whereas longer shots will slow the pace down, and are more appropriate for reserved or dramatic videos. However, too many shots that are identical in length will bore your audience due to a lack of variety. Be sure to introduce a mix of shot lengths to keep things interesting. For example, if you have a string of long cuts, throw in the occasional quick cutaway. If you have a series of quick cuts, make the next one a bit longer in order to give the viewer a chance to catch up with the action.

Depending on the project you are editing, the pacing will vary. Try to establish a rhythm when piecing together individual shots. This will allow your shots to be more cohesive, despite the changes in length and content. Rhythm in video is necessary, much like it is necessary in a catchy tune, and will keep the viewer intrigued and wanting more.

By practicing good pacing, and other advanced editing techniques,  you’ll be able to create videos that are more compelling to watch. You’ll find that there is much more to editing than simply cutting and pasting. Afterall, one of the best parts of editing video is getting to see the pieces of your story come together in a way that enhances the moment you’re trying to capture. In our Advanced Editing DVD, we cover topics that will help you do exactly that.

Knowing what you need to perform advanced editing techniques is the first step towards making better videos. That’s why our Advanced Editing DVD begins with an overview of computer hardware and software considerations necessary for editing at an advanced level.

Once you know what you need, you will learn about the art and techniques of editing. Our Advanced Editing DVD will teach you how to create complex composite effects using layering, transparencies, motion paths and key types. You will also learn about video filters and color effects, titles and graphics,  as well as learn how to encode and output your finished video projects to disc.

By becoming familiar with advanced editing techniques, you won’t be limited to simple cuts and transitions. Increasing your editing abilities will allow you to create the videos you want to make, and you’ll no longer be held back due to inadequate skills.


Editing Tip: The Art of Editing

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