Panoptica: Video Stitching, Action Removal and New Camera Moves

April 3, 2011

by Panoptica

Panoptica is a step up from photo stitching tools: it works with video. It processes video and it creates new video from old.

It works by analyzing the properties of a video clip’s camera move: the 3-axis rotation and zoom. Once this information has been reconstructed, the frames from the video clip can automatically be registered with one another.

Create :

  • Panoramic videos
  • 360° scenes
  • Professional camera moves from amateur source material
  • High quality panoramic stills

Use Panoptica to :

  • Create inspirational, unusual video content for your web sites
  • Make artistic improvements in video composition and camera motion
  • Construct novel views of video scenery
  • Make new movie clips from old

Re-shoot your videos :

  • Using new camera moves
  • Removing unwanted moving objects such as traffic or people
  • Reducing, eliminating or adding camera shake
  • Changing the pixel resolution and frame size
  • Changing between wide angle and long-focus virtual lenses

Panoptica works with movie files:

  • Uploaded from digital cameras
  • Downloaded from web sites
  • Captured from your screen
  • Copied from DVDs

Panoptica analyses the original camera move to extract 3-axis motion of the camera between frames, focal length and zoom. It works for panning and zooming camera moves, where the camera is not being moved laterally. With this information it is possible to separate moving foreground from background. The background can be used to piece together an accurate panorama, while the foreground can optionally be added back.

For more information, video demo’s and a free 30-day download trial click here…

Panoptica is a new kind of video processing software

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