it: Dropbox Alternative

April 27, 2011

by is a real-time file sharing service. But what is it really and what can you use it for? Let’s try to explain it a bit.

What is is an instant, real-time file publishing and sharing service. With there is no need for special software or plug-ins. It is a simple file sharing and publishing tool for all types of materials including documents, video, music and photos.

How does it work and what can you use it for?

With you can turn any type of file into web content and share it instantly. You can share documents, video, music and photos in the browser making them instantly available for the recipient. If you sign up, you can even re-use and keep track of the materials that you previously shared.

  • is suitable for professional and personal use.
  • Real-time sharing
  • Your files are ready to be published or shared as soon as you select them! No need to wait for files to upload.
  • Real-time statistics
  • You can easily track how many people have downloaded or viewed your files.
  • No plug-ins
  • is 100% web-based and works directly in your browser. No flash required. No applet needed. No installation before you’re ready to go. Just go to your browser and start sharing.
  • No filled up mailbox
  • With you can send the shared files on an email directly from the website. If you sign up, the recipient can see it’s coming from you.
  • API

Our goal is to make to fit your needs and this is why we are working on making an API available. If you have any ideas on how you would like to use or you want know more about the API, do not hesitate to contact us.

So what are they saying about

Here are some of the articles that has been published about our service.

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Use to send very large files. The site will ask to create an account but you can ignore it and send files right away. is a Dropbox Alternative

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