Networking with Larry Rosenstrauch, Loudoun County’s (VA) Former Head of Economic Development

May 15, 2011

Had a nice breakfast yesterday morning in Leesburg with Mr. Larry Rosenstrauch, Loudoun County’s (VA) Former Head of Economic Development who, in late 2009, left the prestigious position with the richest county in the country to pursue interests in photography and video documentaries with his own company, The GoodStoryz Company, LLC.

Coming in Mid-2011, The GoodStoryz Company will be accepting clients who want to tell compelling video stories, especially for Internet use.  Recently Larry completed training with media leaders including winners of national Emmy awards and Pulitzer prize teams. He is a member of the National Press Photographers Association, American Society of Media Photographers, International Documentary Association, and the Online News Association.  He also served as the chief or senior economic development official for three great communities: City of New Orleans, Louisiana; City of Charlotte, North Carolina; and Loudoun County, Virginia.

Mr. Rosenstrauch is a “public entrepreneur” with thirty years of public sector economic development, community marketing, and local government experience including serving as a leader, spokesman/briefer, deal maker, and special projects manager.

He is currently specializing in producing video stories that deliver a visual wow and capture the essence of a person, business, organization, or community. Stories delivered principally via Internet to a global audience.

He previously developed effective economic development teams, strategies, public-private partnerships and innovative initiatives to grow the business base and build winning communities. He told the story of these communities by creating a “wow” portfolio of web, print, and personal relationships.

Per his LinkedIn public profile:

“Delivering stories that connect . . .
Think of telling your story in a 3-5 minute mini-documentary for use on your website, on YouTube, or on a portable device such as an Ipad that you can put in someone’s hands to see.  The GoodStoryz Company is a new company producing brief, highly visual, Internet oriented stories (video-photo-audio) for businesses, non-profits, educational institutions, as well as for communities and regions.

These stories can serve one or more needs: a business portrait for marketing or fundraising; a project, product, or innovation focused story for a special customer or a potential one; or community stories that inspire increased economic development and tourism business.”

I feel Mr. Larry Rosenstrauch has a strong 30 year history as a Producer of sorts, and his recent focus on video production to tell his stories will take him far in the local Washington DC media arena.

Larry Rosenstrauch is Finding A 'New Adventure'

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