Deconstructing the Story: Light, Sound, Motion & EOS HD

June 10, 2011

by Canon

(Thanks to Guy Noffsinger of Guy Nofffsinger Photography for submitting this article)

Canon’s video-capable EOS cameras have changed the way filmmakers conduct their craft. They’ve opened the door to a striking and emotive new style of storytelling. Whether you’re an event photographer looking to understand cinematography better, an amateur looking for a new “angle” on your favorite subjects, a wedding professional looking to take your stories to new levels, or a production professional interested in using EOS HD for a quicker, more intimate production workflow, this three day workshop will expose all of the potential you have in telling your EOS stories. Through an exploration of many of the facets that compose a film; light, camera movement, lens choice/color, storyboarding, and post/editing, we will deconstruct the story and put it back together again.

This entire experience is designed to be very hands on with a very high ratio of instructors to students (4 or 5 to 1) so we can help you at whatever level you may be at. On day one, with guidance and instruction from stillmotion and Canon team members, attendees will rotate through five breakout-learning stations. Each station will focus on an integral aspect of storytelling-audio, lighting, camera movement, lens choice/composition/color, storyboarding & editing.

  • Learn how to light a scene from start to finish.
  • Gets you hands on the many different ways to move a camera and learn how each way impacts your audience.
  • Explore all of the different things you can say through your lens choice, composition, and color.
  • Learn the value of storyboarding and work through the process to prepare for your own short.
  • Try out the different methods of capturing audio and explore what works when.

Day two will begin with a review of students’ footage and production stills from day one. Using the skills learned from the first day’s breakout stations, students will spend the rest of this day planning and shooting a short film in the style of a 24-hour film festival. Groups of 4-5 will work with a stillmotion team member to incorporate certain lines and props into the short you will shoot that day. The day’s footage will be downloaded, ready for day three’s post production exercises.

Day three will include presentations on workflow, a detailed exploration on storytelling in post, and a color correction demonstration. Students will work with the stillmotion and canon team to help you put together your short and share it with the class before we leave.

You will leave the workshop equipped with fresh perspectives on the creative and technical tools available to you as an EOS HD storyteller. These tools, combined with stillmotion’s unique creative vision, will provide you with newfound confidence to tackle your next moving image masterpiece, be it a cine-style wedding, promo piece or family video.

With such a low ratio of instructors to students, we are able to accommodate students of varying skill levels and ensure they are challenged at their level. With plenty of amazing supporters on board including Cinevate, Kessler, Manfrotto, Shootsac, Tiffen, With Etiquette, and Zacuto we will have all of the latest tools for you to get your hands on and utilize in your productions. While students are welcome to bring their own cameras and lenses, Canon will provide all camera gear needed for this experience. A laptop is recommended and Final Cut Pro experience is an asset, but you may also work with other students in groups to complete your projects. The post ideas presented apply generally to any editor, so your welcome to bring any program your comfortable with.

See the online VIDEO at:

Deconstructing the Story

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