Knoll Unmult from Red Giant, Free

August 12, 2011

by Red Giant

Need a matte generated from an image or video shot on a black background? Knoll Unmult will create an alpha channel from any image shot on black. This is particularly useful for generating alpha channels for flares rendered on black or video or filmed media that is shot on black like cloud tank, lighting, or water droplet on glass—like the shots done in Episode 47 of Red Giant TV.

Knoll Unmult works in After Effects CS3, CS4, and CS5.

Click Here for Download...

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Knoll 3D Flare (Beta) 1.0
$0 Free
Knoll Unmult 1.0 (CS3, CS4), 1.1
$0 Free
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$0 Free
Magic Bullet LUT Buddy 1.0
$0 Free

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