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August 13, 2011

by Bright Hub, Written by:  • Edited by: Rhonda Callow

A photo mosaic is a cool way of showcasing your digital photo collections. There are many photo mosaic programs available on the market today, both free and paid ones. Here, we list 8 of the best free photo mosaic software that you can use for your digital photo collections.


MOSAnICK is a lightweight utility for creating mosaic-based pictures which are based upon a source image but is made up from many miniature pictures. It keeps multiple image databases generated from your pictures. The software also allows image lighting and tinting model adjustments as well as image mirroring.

2. Andrea Mosaic

This software allows you to create beautiful photo mosaics from video/movie, black and white mosaics and from few tiles of photographs. Andrea Mosaic also lets you set several parameters that will dictate the final appearance of your photo mosaics. These include width (2000, 4,000, 8,000 pixels), number of tiles per row, minimum distance between duplicated tiles, algorithms to be used for your mosaic, and whether you want to put a black line surrounding every tile in your mosaic.

3. Imosaic

A free multiplatform photo mosaic software written for the .NET platform and was also ported for the Unix platforms. Imosaic creates databases of images which are used to compose artistic photo mosaics. The software also allows the creation of 3D photo mosaic screensavers.

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4. MacZaic

A powerful photo mosaic software for Mac users, MacZaic allows you to create mosaics using one photo, a folder of photos or from pre-generated database of images. It requires the Macintosh Runtime for Java (MRJ) utility.

5. Metapixels

Metapixels generates both classical and collage-style photo mosaics which matches color and form through matching algorithms. The software works fast and usually takes only 75 seconds to generate a classical photo mosaic in 2048×2432 sizes. The software is a command-line, scriptable program and even offers a cheat option that overlays the photo mosaic with the original image. For classical photo mosaics, this software generates images which contain a copy of each constituent image.

6. RichMosaic

This software allows you to scan many digital photos and movies to create a mosaic. RichMosaic features an easy to use point and click interface and allows you to produce various types of outputs, including a list of pictures or movie frames, geometric squares, color, black and white, and sepia outputs.

7. MozoDojo

A free photo-mosaic builder that allows you use images from iPhoto, iTunes, Aperture, and even files from custom folders on your Mac. It uses a model image and an image database and builds a mosaic looking like the model image. MozoDojo renders the mosaic at high resolution and is ready for printing as a poster.

8. Mosaic Creator

Mosaic Creator allows you to create a large regular mosaic patterned images from many small cells. The software allows creation of standard photo mosaics and renders good images using least image collections and enhances image collections with fine color. Other features of this photo mosaic software include multipage thumbnail creation, thumbnail wizard, nonrectangular galleries, master and detail pages with full navigation, color schemes, photo commenting, watermark, borders, footer and support for EXIF information.

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