VisualCV: Your Resume, Only Better!

October 13, 2011


VisualCV has revolutionized the resume forever by radically improving the ways in which resume data is presented, accessed and shared. With a new VisualCV (curriculum vitae, aka resume) you can now:

    • Build and manage a more engaging Internet based resume.
    • Combine audio, video and a digital career portfolio – all on a single Web page.

Want a 60-second visual overview of creating, enriching, sharing, and managing VisualCVs?  Take A Tour Now.

  • Securely share professional qualifications with your customers, partners, employers and colleagues.
  • Sign up for FREE.

Add A Competitive New Component To Your Resume. You.

Think of your VisualCV as a professional “show and tell” for the 21st century. It brings you, your skills and background to 3-dimensional life with video, images, and examples of your work.

See And Be Seen (Or Not)

Your VisualCV enables you to control and track exactly who gets to view what, when and how. Now you can:

  • Create multiple VisualCVs, each with a unique purpose and secure privacy setting.
  • Share information publicly or privately.
  • Send or post your unique URL.
  • Choose to show personal information (or not).

Upgrade Your Job Search. Upgrade Your Job.

Your VisualCV puts you in complete control of which jobs, employers and recruiters you pursue. You can now:

  • Send a link to employers, recruiters and colleagues.
  • Post a link to your VisualCV on job sites.
  • Express your interest in targeted companies and vice versa.
  • Interact with companies who have their own VisualCVs.


Once your free account is activated, you’ll begin by editing your first VisualCV. Include your biographical and contact information, work history, education, references and more – instantly.

What is a VisualCV?

A VisualCV is an Internet-based, multimedia resume that provides a comprehensive picture of you professionally and allows you to stand out from the crowd.

How is it used?

You can use your VisualCV for professional networking, job searching, business development, and personal brand management. VisualCV provides the tools to share your profile any way you wish. The VisualCV’s compelling Internet-based format helps you to differentiate yourself in a whole new way!

And, you can apply for jobs right here on the VisualCV website.

Start Now – It’s EASY, FUN and FREE!


Once you have your Portfolio items conveniently stored in one place, you can easily include them in your VisualCVs.

Personality-PLUS for your VisualCVs!

Your Portfolio adds personality and depth to your resume.


Privacy and Display Settings

You control who can see your VisualCV by updating the Privacy Settings. The Display Settings put you further in control.

Sharing VisualCVs

Sharing your VisualCV with colleagues, hiring managers and friends is easy. You can send it via e-mail to one person, share it with your social networks, or post your URL so it is available to the entire web… it’s your choice.

QuickStart Tour • Manage QuickStart Tour • Share QuickStart Tour • Enrich QuickStart Tour • Create QuickStart Tour • Create QuickStart Tour • Manage QuickStart Tour • Share QuickStart Tour • Enrich
Search and apply for jobs on VisualCV

Search and apply for jobs on VisualCV

VisualCV has over a thousand companies that prefer VisualCVs over plain resumes. You can search for matching jobs and research employers without leaving VisualCV. And if you find a match, you can apply using your VisualCV with a single click. We add new jobs every day, so, you’ll want to check for new opportunites often.

Share your VisualCV with your network

Share your VisualCV with your network

You can use your VisualCV to find jobs using your own networks. Quickly and easily share to friends, hiring managers, or colleagues – you choose how.


Click Here for my Resume Example via VisualCV…

Click Here for my Resume Example via VisualCV...

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