Make your video marketing efforts seen with video SEO

October 23, 2011

by Rob Ciampa
VP of Marketing, Pixability

Embrace a new way to engage with video marketing





Embrace a new way to engage with video marketing 



I’ve been in sales and marketing a long time and have had the opportunity to ride several waves of innovation: integrated marketing, digital marketing, inbound marketing – and now video marketing. One may ask, “Why should I even bother with the latest marketing fad?” Well, what you’re seeing are not flashes in the pan but rather continual sparks of how businesses and other organizations more effectively engage prospects and customers. Each new lifecycle of marketing builds upon the last. How many of us currently use the Yellow Pages as our primary source of market outreach and customer acquisition? You know the answer. Successful business is about embracing new ways to engage.


Video marketing represents the most powerful and effective way yet to engage, whether it’s a company overview, a product description, a customer testimonial, a political campaign, or a tale of what makes your organization special. Video marketing is about more than making a video; it’s about putting the right videos together to use the power of the visual medium to drive an intentional and intended action. More importantly, it allows you to more effectively engage your audience.


Our new newsletter is about video marketing. We’ll look at video marketing strategy and tactics, along with all the components in between. In this issue, we’ll see how one company moved from print advertising to video marketing with impressive results. We’ll also look at video SEO, a critical component of video marketing. Finally, we’ll share some resources that can help you become a world-class video marketer.


Rob Ciampa
VP of Marketing, Pixability

Replace print ads with video, see dramatic results

EasyCare Take EasyCare Inc., a company that makes boots…for horses. Prior to 2010, EasyCare was spending over hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on print advertising in equestrian magazines. The executives became increasingly aware that they needed to be more visible online. They saw an opportunity to save a lot of money by developing a new video marketing program that went beyond the company’s traditional marketing comfort zone – and was more in tune with the passionate, global community of horse lovers.


The result? EasyCare reduced marketing spend by 90% while increasing revenue, brand awareness, and a loyal customer base. For more details, take a look at our EasyCare case study.

Equip yourself: Tips and tools for great videos

Pixability University From setting up the camera to looking good on camera, framing a shot to framing your narrative, it can feel overwhelming when you begin to make videos. That’s why we put together Pixability University, a free, continuously updated library of videos about videos – video production to video marketing and everything in between. Take a look, and let us know if you have any questions. In each future newsletter, we’ll be highlighting a specific tutorial.

Making video visible with video SEO 

Videos that don’t get found don’t get watched. That’s obvious. Videos that don’t get watched generate no action. That’s even more obvious. So why do so many organizations invest in video production yet ignore making their videos findable? It doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ll help you get started.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is your master plan for getting found on the web. Most savvy organizations use SEO for their web sites, but they tend to ignore similar approaches for their videos. Can search engines determine which videos are relevant? Not without some help. Unlike traditional content, search engines can’t (yet) watch and listen to a video to determine what it’s about. That puts the burden on the video marketer to help the search engine understand the video.


Fortunately, video sharing platforms such as YouTube allow you to add descriptive information to videos. Minimally, this would include: title, description text, category, and tags – keywords that help describe the content of the video. Video marketers need to invest in video SEO to make their videos successful. The good part is that it’s a fraction of the investment made in the initial production, making it the best video marketing insurance you can buy. Want to learn more?

Want to learn more? Check out a recent post on our blog, “Video SEO Is Essential – and Easier Than You Think!”


We also hope you’ll join us for our upcoming webinar, where we’ll be diving into the details of video SEO. The free webinar will stream live on November 2nd, 2011, and we’ll make it available on-demand afterwards.

Want more? Download our free 10-page guide to video SEO, which covers topics such as:

Video SEO Guide

  • Understanding what video SEO means and why it’s important
  • Knowing the difference between “white hat” and “black hat” SEO – and why you should beware of “black hat” tactics
  • Setting realistic goals for video SEO implementation
  • Optimizing your video titles, tags, and descriptions
  • Including a call-to-action in your videos
  • Creating a video sitemap
  • Optimizing your YouTube channel
  • Using transcripts and annotations
  • Promoting your videos
  • Tracking your video SEO success
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