Automatic Duck Products Now Available as Free Downloads

November 9, 2011

by Wes Plate of Automatic Duck

Thank you for 10 great years!

Wes Plate of Automatic Duck has moved onto a new job with Adobe and has made the Automatic Duck software for transfering between NLE’s and After Effects – Pro Import AE, Pro Export FCP and Pro Import FCP – free. Thanks Wes! And good luck on your new endeavors.

Automatic Duck Products Now Available as Free Downloads

As many of you know I used to be a professional Avid editor, often working between Media Composer and After Effects before the cool kids were doing it. By 1999 I had grown tired of the tedious timeline rebuilding process and started to investigate with Harry Plate (my Dad) how we could make a solution to import Avid OMF files into Adobe After Effects.

Harry and I started working diligently on what became Automatic Duck in late 2000 and by NAB 2001 we had our first product. Before we knew it we were celebrating 10 years of enabling integrated workflows.

Over the years we’ve enjoyed improving the interchange between Avid, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Pro Tools, Smoke, Quantel and other AAF and OMF-friendly apps. We have enjoyed helping users improve their workflows and finish their productions more easily, and we’ve even enjoyed working with users to fix the occasional challenging bug and odd misbehavior. Not to mention at every trade show we had a great time meeting our many users from around the world.

We are very proud of the company we created and the products we lovingly crafted. But after 10 1/2 years the time has come for us to embark on new challenges and begin a new chapter in our lives. To that end Automatic Duck has partnered with Adobe Systems and will be working towards some excellent technology integration. I have joined Adobe as a full-time employee and Harry will be focusing on the technology integration as well as supporting other Automatic Duck partners.

Because we are so busy with these new projects we cannot provide the same level of support for our plug-ins that we used to, therefore we can’t in good conscience charge money for them. But we don’t want our popular tools to go unused if they are still useful to people. Therefore we have decided to make them available at no charge. Enjoy!

Thank you for the memories, we’ll see you around.

– Wes Plate & Harry Plate, co-founders of Automatic Duck


Support for Final Cut Pro X

Pro Export FCP includes an export app that works with the new Final Cut Pro X to export AAF or OMF to send audio to Pro Tools!


Automatic Duck’s Pro Export FCP

Pro Export FCP is an AAF/OMF exporter for Final Cut Pro that has been the standard for FCP interchange since 2002.

With Pro Export FCP 4.0 you can export Avid MXF media that connects to your exported AAF file, write media that is external to the OMF or AAF file avoiding file size limits as well as translate many effects from Final Cut Pro 7 to your Avid or Quantel Generation Q system.

When you purchase Pro Export FCP 4.0 for Final Cut Pro 7 you will also receive Pro Export FCP 5.0 for Final Cut Pro X which allows you to send audio from FCPX to Pro Tools.

What the Pros use

Pro Export FCP is used and relied on around the world by thousands of professionals. There is no better way to get your Final Cut Pro 7 sequence into an Avid or Quantel editing sytem.

Click here to download

Pro Import FCP does not work with Final Cut Pro X.

Is Pro Import FCP right for you?

If you’re using Final Cut Pro 7 to finish shows offlined on an Avid editing systems, Pro Import FCP is a must-have.

If you need your tracks and clips from Pro Tools kept separate, Pro Import FCP is for you.

Using Pro Import FCP 2.0 for Final Cut Pro 7 you can import OMF 2.0 and AAF files from Avid editing systems, OMF 2.0 and AAF files from Digital Audio Workstations like Pro Tools, AAF Edit Protocol files*, AAF files exported from Toon Boom’s Storyboard Pro, even XML files created by Panasonic’s HPM200!

Pro Import FCP 2.0 is the most complete import solution for Final Cut Pro 7, a real must-have for professional FCP editors.

Click here to download

With Pro Import AE for Adobe After Effects, your digital desktop has never been more powerful or complete. Translating a sequence from an Avid® or Final Cut Pro 7 editing system, or a project from Apple’s Motion takes just seconds, importing all your media and clips in one step. Effects are translated and recreated for you and your timeline becomes a composition in After Effects, ready for you to take your vision to the next level.

Pro Import AE 5.0 works with After Effects CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS5.5.

See for yourself!
Click here to see QuickTime movies showing Pro Import AE in action!


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