The Easy Guide to Color Grade & Correct Video

December 21, 2011

Tony Reale of Next Wave DV has a quick and easy tutorial using Adobe After Effects and Red Giant’s Colorista Free to color grade HDSLR footage to give it a filmic look (without “crushed blacks and blown out whites”). Reale was shown this technique by the experts at Technicolor. Watch below.



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I (Tony Reale) constantly see training on how to get the “film look” while color grading and color correcting footage, the problem is most people go about the process the wrong way. Instead of a filmic look, they end up with crushed blacks and blown out whites.

While down at Cine Gear Expo, I interviewed Technicolor about their CineStyle preset for the Canon 5D MkII. While getting setup for the interview, I asked one of the guys his technique for color grading. He showed me a new way to manipulate video that I think is much better for filmmakers.

In this video I grade the footage in Adobe After Effects with Red Giant’s Colorista Free. You can find links to all the software here:




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