FCPX Send To Motion App

February 29, 2012


By Richard Keating


I have been pretty impressed by how quickly developers have stepped in the fill the perceived deficiencies in Final Cut Pro X. Last month saw the release of 7toX For Final Cut Pro, a handy little plugin that fixed FCP X’s inability to open legacy projects. Now there is another little app that that could prove to be just as invaluable to FCPX users who use Motion.

One thing that Motion users have complained about FCP X is that the “send to motion” function from Final Cut Pro 7 was no longer there. I’ve always thought it was a strange choice for the designers to drop that function, since Motion was one of the two applications that they kept from the old FCP Studio suite (the other being Compressor). You would think that the easy functionality between the two applications would be a major selling point. It’s the one thing that would possible sway an After Effects user to switch to Motion. But I digress.

Alex King has stepped up and developed FCPX Send To Motion, a liitle app that provides a workaround. Alex writes on his website:

“I wanted to be able to send edited clips from my FCPX timeline into Motion 5, without having to setup the project, lookup the in and out points, and replicate that in Motion. So I made an app that lets you send a clip from Final Cut to Motion.”

The app is still in beta, and it’s free. It only works in Lion, though, so Snow Leopard users are out of luck.




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