Popcorn Island Final Cut 2 After Effects

March 12, 2012

by Popcorn Island

The Popcorn Island Final Cut 2 After Effects Script is a simple way to move sequences in Final Cut into Compositions in After Effects. Not only does it allow you to work faster, it also saves storage space. The normal work flow of rendering out from Final Cut and opening in After Effects causes one to create temporary files to pass back and forth between the programs. The Final Cut 2 After Effects script will allow you to bypass that and simply use the footage that has already been imported into Final Cut.

NEWS: Gerard over at strypesinpost.com has put up a tutorial on using this script to move over project to windows! check it out


Features 1.1.2

  • Auto-Truncate Long Filenames
  • Marker Import
  • Cross Dissolve Transitions (v1.05)
  • Basic Editing Translation
  • Segmented Clips
  • Basic Keyframes
  • Time Remapping
  • Nested Sequences
  • Multiple Frame Rates and Aspect Ratios
  • Audio Channels
  • Name Length Error Checking
  • Support for PAL25 and 60


Go land yourself on Popcorn Island and enjoy the XML bliss of Final Cut 2 After Effects by Ross. The best FREE way that I know of, to get Final Cut Pro and After Effects to play nice with each other in our digital sand box.





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