Don’t just prototype iOS apps. Simulate them (for free!)

May 24, 2012

by iRise Studio MX

Quickly create simulations of iPad and iPhone
apps that look and act like the real thing
without writing a line of code!

What is Studio MX?

Go beyond prototyping. With Studio MX, quickly create incredibly interactive simulations of iPhone and iPad apps that look and act like the real thing without writing code. With mobile apps, the user experience is everything. Now you can test your designs with colleagues, clients, and customers using interactive simulations, not static documents and wireframes – all before development begins.

Why simulate?

Simulation lets you test and explore ideas before you invest in them. Architects create 3D models. Aeronautic engineers use wind tunnels. Bridge builders create stress models. Software designers can now create simulations to test how users will interact with their applications. Simulation is the best way to improve your design, optimize the user experience, and reduce the need for changes during development.

Functional specs and static mockups just don’t cut it

Some things sound good on paper. And some things look good in wireframes and mockups. But it’s only when people actually interact with a simulation that you uncover design flaws, requirements gaps, and usability errors. With Studio MX, you can add navigation, media, rich interactions, business logic, and sample data for a true app experience.

Share with anyone, anywhere, anytime

iDoc image A Studio MX simulation can be shared with anyone as a simple iDoc file. With the free iRise Reader, reviewers can run iDocs right in their browser and can even add comments.

Experience it right on your iPhone and iPad

App Store image You and your stakeholders can run Studio MX simulations on an iPhone or iPad with iRise Mobile, a free app available in the iTunes App Store.

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