Freebies from VideoBlocks (and More) to end a Week of FREEdom…

July 8, 2012

by VideoBlocks

Joel Holland, Footage Firm’s CEO, has done an awesome job with all of his branches, including VideoBlocks.  Footage Firm offers great products bundled on a CD for a mere $8.41 S&H.  But VideoBlocks offers 7 days of products (at a limit of 20 items per day) for free!  Not only does VideoBlocks offer music, graphics and stock footage of all sorts searchable by keyword, but also about 80 free after effects templates!

What better way to end this Week of Freedom with hundreds of freebies from VideoBlocks?  Click here to go to their After Effects page, and be sure to click on the left side of the page to explore more music, graphics and stock footage.

And thank you for reading this week and leaving a simple rating or comment at the bottom of the page.  This helps us gauge what you’re most interested in for the future.

And more here from VideoBlocks…


As a bonus (since you made it to the bottom of the page), since we couldn’t fit all the freebies in the world in this Free Week… here’s a large assortment of music, graphics, templates and stock footage freebies from Pond5 and from MotionVFX!


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