Daily Freebies from Neumann Films

July 19, 2012

by neumannfilms.net/

I stumbled upon Neumann Films today while doing another unrelated search on youtube.  I was pleasantly surprised that for the month of July (and archived) they offer quite a number of very nice freebie music tracks for anyone to use freely, with only asking for credits in your productions!  Check out their other offerings, as well.
Here’s a sample of what Neumann Films has to offer in the way of music, or click on the link above to view more…

Daily Freebie #12 – One Last Fight (6 tracks)

One Last Fight is a pretty loud and intense song from our Royalty Free album The Trailer Toolbag. Useful for extreme sports videos, trailers, or background music in a club scene.

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Epic Slow Mo with the Sony FS700

The Sony FS700 is capable of 240 frames per second at full HD resolution. Neumann Films had three days to make something epic and used a little resourcefulness and hard work to pull off this larger than life production.

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Daily Freebie #11 – The Chase

The Chase was a song that I wrote for a short film that never ended up being made. The opening scene of the film was going to be an elaborate chase scene that kept building to an execution in an alley way. Enjoy!

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18 Freebies – “The Dark Knight Chronicles”


The Dark Knight Chronicles was a fun web series to write music for.  On one hand I had the luxury of an established theme that I wanted to mimic, but I also had the freedom to move away from it since it was a spoof/comedy.

The playlist below includes every track from the series as a Royalty Free download.  I maintain the rights which means you can use the song in your own videos as long as you give credit.   Give them a listen and add them to your library of production music, a lot of time and effort was …

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Daily Freebie #10 – Moscow (2 tracks)

I wrote this song after we shot a music video in the beautiful town of Moscow, Idaho. Perfect for road trip scenes, montages of characters or people on the move, or corporate videos.

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Daily Freebie #9 – Counting Mice

Counting Mice is a song Marika wrote and it’s perfect for lighter content.  Fitting for family videos, babies, or animals.

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Daily Freebie #8 – Copelandia OST (4 tracks)

Copelandia was the first dramatic short film to be made on the Canon 5D Mark III (outside of Canon sponsored stuff). The soundtrack took about a day to write and it was fun to hint at the story twist.




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