Top 10 Free Resources According to Jake & Dan

July 24, 2012

by Jake & Dan at

I was doing some research online today when I was happy to be forwarded to Jake & Dan’s website from the site.  Jake & Dan offer a slew of great tutorials and resources on After Effects.  As a fan of freebies, I was happy to see easy access to a variety of free offerings via their search by keyword: “Giveaway.”

Here’s a great list of other Top 10 Free Resources, according to Jake & Dan:

1. is our #1 source for good stock footage. Just register for free.

2. offers free pre-keyed still footage of people and trees.

3. regularly releases great hi-res textures.

4. also releases hi-res textures in their category ‘Tuesday Total Textures’

5. offers a wide variety of brushes and free texture packs.

6. although the sounds aren’t always processed and here and there come with some background noise, they have got a huge library of virtually everything good enough to serve as raw source material

7. gives you loads of free fonts

8. is a good source for free wallpapers and icons – the high resolution wallpapers often make a good footage.

9. offers a broad variety of useful free stuff, especially a good place to look for vector graphics!

10. And last, but not least: – we provide you with footage, textures, fonts and other free stuff as often as we can!

Jake & Dan

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