Using Smoothcam w/ Photo Flashes in FCP

August 18, 2012

by Steven Trauger

“As an editor working with a wide array of footage, you’re probably bound to find some stuff come in that was handheld or not stabilized via gyro/steadicam/jib or tripod. The good news is rather than bouncing your footage out to Adobe After Effects and applying the use of a tracker, FCP editors can take advantage of the built-in SmoothCam filter (FCP6/7). It works tremendously well (provided your footage doesn’t have too much depth variation in the Z axis, ie: active zooming). But one instance where it is bound to have trouble in analyzing your source footage is if it contains flashes. That’s because flashes like those from a still camera are a sudden burst of light. Today’s CMOS cameras make it very obvious because the frame becomes divided with different levels of exposure (for more about that look up rolling shutter or flash banding). Here is one way you might be able to workaround the issue, should you encounter it in your own footage.”

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