VidMuze to Help Advance the Video Community

August 27, 2012

by Mike Gentilini, Jr, VidMuze

My name is Mike Gentilini, Jr. and I’m the founder and owner of VidMuze.  My goal is to bring what video knowledge that I have learned over the years, and make it accessible, easy and fun for you guys and girls to learn and expand your creativity.

What is VidMuze?
I created VidMuze to help advance the video community.  I teach and train those of you who are interested in filmmaking, video editing and or visual effects.  I also offer a lot of free content to help you make your video projects more professional. We all like free stuff right?
What’s the big picture?
I love creating entertaining short films that are focused around visual effects.  I then show you breakdowns and tutorials on how you can create the same visuals and effects.
How are my tutorials different?
We’ve all seen training tutorials before. Most of those tutorials will show you how to use the application, but they rarely explain why.  There are reasons why I do things a certain way.  Find out why!

Here’s a variety of free downloads that VidMuze has to offer.  Be sure to check out Mike’s adobe and motion graphics tutorials as well…


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