1000 Free SD (and HD) Video Backgrounds, Audio & FX

November 15, 2012

by freevideobacks.com

OK.  So the SD world is, everyday, falling further and further into the past. Not true!  There’s still a demand for web work that requires the smaller resolution/smaller file sized SD footage and backgrounds of yesteryear.

In comes freevideobacks.com which still offers 1000 FREE SD video backgrounds!  They also offer the ability to Download 2000 HD Video Clips for Only $100 or resell those 2000 HD Video Clips Under Your Own Brand for $200.

Use their keyword search to find what you’re looking for here–


UPDATE: September 2013

You can now find the link to all the free clips here.  There are a number of HD available now, as well.  Per reader Peter’s comments below, you can also find a wide variety of free clips at free-video-footage.com, too, with not only video backgrounds but also audio, photo and FX.


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