How to Control Google Results About YOU!

January 3, 2012


How BrandYourself Works

Use BrandYourself to make sure search engines find and rank your
most relevant results at the top, improving your personal brand.

1. Submit and create relevant content about yourself (your personal brand).

Start by submitting any content that already exists — your LinkedIn profile, your personal website, an article written about you or anything that helps your personal brand.

We’ll also show you how to build more relevant content about yourself in credible places across the web.

Bury Negative ResultsOur tools will help search engines rank your relevant
results higher than irrelevant or outdated ones.

2. Use our simple tools to make sure those links are as search engine friendly as possible.

Boost and Submit Links

Our software analyzes each link you submit and gives you specific steps you can take to make them easier for search engines to find and rank for your name.

After you follow our steps, track their progress as they begin to rise higher in results and improve your personal brand.

3. Get alerted whenever something important happens to your results.

Alerts to Stay Up to Date

We’ll alert you when an unidentified result appears on your first page, or any of your links rise or fall significantly — so you can stay on top of your online brand.

4. For extra visibility: Build a high-ranking BrandYourself profile.

Beautiful Profiles

Our beautiful profiles help you publish a highly relevant result that search engines can rank high and reinforces your personal brand.

View an Example Profile

5. Find out who’s Googling and looking you up online.

Use your profile to figure out when people find you online. For example, discover if you were Googled after that job interview or that first date you went on!
Beautiful Profiles

About Us

We believe people should be able to control their own online reputation, without spending thousands on an online reputation company.

Our Story

BrandYourself started when our Co-Founder Pete Kistler couldn’t get an internship in college because he was being mistaken for a drug dealer in Google.

Employers were Googling our Co-Founder Pete, and finding…

The wrong Pete Kistler,
a drug dealer

instead of:

The real Pete Kistler,
not a drug dealer

Pete realized search engines like Google are an incredibly important part of your reputation, but unless you know how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works – which most people don’t – or have thousands of dollars to spend on an online reputation company, there is nothing you can do.

Even though our co-founder Patrick Ambron had a background in SEO and was able to help fix Pete’s results, we couldn’t stop thinking about the millions of other people with the same problem:

  • We hated the fact that online reputation services purposely mystified the Search Engine Optimization process, making their customers feel trapped.
  • We hated the fact that these firms often used quick, manipulative “black hat” tactics that only help search rankings in the short term instead of focusing on long term “white hat” techniques.
  • We hated that these firms overcharged customers for something they could easily do themselves if they simply had a platform that educated and empowered them to do so.

Our Mission

We decided to put the power of SEO and online reputation in everybody’s hands, regardless of how tech savvy or wealthy they might be. So our co-founders (Pete, Patrick and Evan) put together a team, raised venture capital and began building our free product that makes it dead simple for anyone to do.

Our Promise To You

“Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to help anyone improve their own search results and online reputation.

Start controlling your own Google results now:

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