Edit It All With Light

January 22, 2013

by editwithlight.com

Since their launch in January of 2012, their products have been sold in over 150 countries worldwide. 5DLEAKS has been featured on ESPN, Discovery, NFL Network… used by Wedding Videographers, Game developers, Church Media teams, the full spectrum of media professionals.

In march of 2012, they released HUES, a colorful collection of light leaks designed to bring energy to music, fashion and sports videography.

Click here to see… http://vimeo.com/50475535#

Over the past few months they’ve concentrated their efforts on the development of new 4K content. They’ve also re branded themselves from 5DLEAKS to EDIT WITH LIGHT.

It’s an exciting step forward.

Their products are created in camera and delivered in beautiful Apple Pro Res in either HD or 4K resolution. Instantly download following purchase and begin editing today.

The edit process for all of their products is pretty straight forward.

If you’re edit software supports blend or composite mode, you’re good to go.

Editing with light is simple. Lets take a look inside Adobe Premiere CS6. Add their content to a layer above your footage, adjust the blend mode to screen in most cases and just like that you’ve added a dynamic effect or transition.

Check out their new website EditWithLight.com where you can browse through their products, read the frequently asked questions, or take a look at a few of their case studies.

Follow them on twitter at twitter.com/editwithlight for giveaways, discount codes and more.

So take a minute and check them out at editwithlight.com

Edit With Light

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