Opening up the world of high-speed photography to precise and elegant camera movements

February 8, 2013


Spike can freely move a camera with unparalleled speed and precision, adding depth and changes in perspective to high speed imagery.  The groundbreaking High Speed Motion Control System ‘Spike’ brings the creative free- dom of a moving camera to the world of high speed filming and allows the creation of shots that were previously impossible to achieve.

Exactly repeatable camera moves can be created and modified quickly and interactively.

No matter where the camera is pointing, it can always be moved image left/right, up/down, forward/backwards.  The same is true for panning, tilting and rolling the camera and performing orbiting moves about any point along the optical axis. And all of this even works when periscopic lenses set up with arbitrary angles are used.Thus, working with Spike is always focused on what happens with the image and all communication between operator, cinematographer and director is always done in terms of the image and never in terms of robotic axes.
Once a move path has been set up, the camera can be easily shuttled back and forth along the move path (as easy as shuttling through a film clip in an editing system), which is extremely useful when adjusting the setup of the scene and the lighting.

Cool, eh?

List of Features includes…

  • Ultrafast and precise camera movements.
  • Sync up to 8 additional axes and 16 multi impulse triggers.
  • Software built from the ground up for film work.
  • Fast and flexible interactive move creation.
  • Moves can also be designed offline in a virtual 3D studio.
  • Click here for a PDF of features and photos… VLOG

And click here for their website to see a lot more.


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