What’s New with Evernote 5

February 21, 2013


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Browsing and creating notes

A better Notes list and an improved Snippets view.

Better notes list

Your Notes List now displays one list of all notes from your personal as well as Joined Notebooks. The menus on the top of the Note List make it easy to sort notes, change your note layout, or filter notes using notebook or tag selectors.

Snippets view

Snippets view now shows that note’s notebook and whether that notebook is shared with others.

Cards view

Browse notes with the new Cards view, which displays your notes as a list of informative, easy to scan, and visually appealing Cards. You can show a huge collection of notes full-screen with Expanded Cards view.

The new Cards view.
A view of the improved Note Editor.

Note editor

The note editor now frames your content beautifully and expands as needed to fit your content. For distraction-free composition and editing, you can use the full-screen single note view.

Change a note’s location

We made it easy to add or change the geographic location of a note. Just pull up the note info menu, then type any location or address in the Location field or click the compass arrow to use your current location.

Convert to Plain Text

Copy and paste any content as plain text to eliminate complicated formatting. You can also Simplify Formatting to convert an entire note to plain text.

Keyboard shortcuts

We’ve added lots of timesaving new keyboard shortcuts, such as:

  • CMD-J: Jump to a notebook from anywhere in the application
  • CMD-Shift-A: Jump to All Notes
  • CMD-Option-(1-5): Switch to main sidebar sections (Notes, Notebooks, etc)
  • CMD-(1-9): Jump to Shortcuts
  • CMD-L: Edit current note title
  • CMD-’: Edit current note tags
  • CMD-]: Indent text

Notebooks and tags

A screenshot of the new Grid View, showing every stack and notebook in one place.

Grid view

Grid view shows every stack and notebook in one place, including your own notebooks as well as any Joined Notebooks. You can now sort notebooks or tags by Name, Note Count, and Owner (for Joined Notebooks).

List view

List view notebooks show the same information as Grid view, but in a more compact format.

The updated List view, featuring filtering, dragging, and sharing.
The extensive Tag View.


Tags are presented in a comprehensive list. Select any tag (in blue) to see other tags (highlighted in white) also used on notes with that tag.

Timesaving new features

  • Quickly filter out notebooks or tags by clicking the left navigation button, then immediately typing the filter word.
  • Drag all your most frequently-used notes, notebooks or tags to the Shortcuts menu. Click on any Shortcut to browse those notes, or drag notes onto a Shortcut to change the notebooks or apply tags.
  • Share a notebook by clicking the “share” button on any notebook icon.


Place Cards in the amazing new Atlas View.

Place Cards

Atlas is a brand new way to visually explore your notes in Evernote. Evernote helps you remember where you were when you took notes to help you have richer, more vibrant memories. Evernote Atlas reads the location where your notes were created and intelligently presents them to you on Place Cards based upon their proximity to each other.

A sample Map View looking at Notes taken in varios places in South Korea

Map view

Click on any card to see flags with numbers representing all the notes in that location. Pan and zoom to see more or fewer notes then click on a flag to see the associated notes. To see notes created near your current location, click the compass icon.


The rethought sharing experience for notebooks, notes, and collaborators

Content all in one place

For Evernote 5 we rethought the sharing experience. All notebooks are in a single, sortable view and all personal and Shared Notes can be viewed and searched in a single Note List. Everything is together. Icons clearly tell you whether a notebook is shared, and who the owner is. Share any notebook simply by clicking the Share button.

Activity Feed

It’s now easier to stay up-to-date with who made what changes in Shared Notebooks. The Activity Feed still shows all activity, but now collapses redundant information. If you are running the latest version of Mac OS X, you’ll see alerts in Notification Center as well.

A screenshot showing the Activity Feed and the new Share Banner at the top of a Shared Note.
A screenshot of the share banner at the top of a note.

Share banner

A share banner along the top of the note indicates if a note is in a Shared Notebook and how many people have access to it.

Learn Evernote

Explore Evernote

It’s easier than ever to get started with Evernote. When users first launch Evernote, a first-launch experience called Explore Evernote will walk through the basics of using the app. The experience is tailored to match a user’s experience with Evernote. This makes it easier than ever to explain Evernote to your friends!

Explore Evernote
A sample Map View looking at Notes taken in varios places in South Korea

New Evernote for Mac guide

Our new product guide highlights the core features of Evernote and walks you through details of how to use them.

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