24 Free Motion 5 Converted to Final Cut Pro X Title Templates, and More…

March 15, 2013

by Dylan, Stupid Raisins

What is this?

Last week Ripple Training made a video about Motion 5′s link behavior. In their example they used titles only available in Motion 5. Some people commented they’d love these titles in Final Cut Pro X. I couldn’t agree more so I converted them to FCPX titles. Party time!

Why should YOU care?

Duh, 24 FREE titles! I spent 37 hours converting, linking and testing these templates so you don’t have to. Grab ‘em and get creating!

In Motion 5, these titles are compositions. I converted them to Title templates by changing the file extension from .motn to .moti and then published to FCPX. All the different elements had different color controls so I linked the colors together and published the controls. Now it’s easy to customize the color of each template.

Splash Menu Screenshot

Splash Menu Screenshot

Click here to learn how to install & use these 24 files.

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