Final Cut Pro to After Effects

April 5, 2013

So, I’ve been working with learning more of After Effects this week.  I’m a Final Cut Pro 7 user, and wanted to know how to import my FCP7 project into AE CS5 to add more effects & grading.  Upon further research, I found these two videos…

My first tutorial ever with screen recording. If you work with both Final Cut and After effects this is a very useful tip.
The Popcorn Island Final Cut 2 After Effects Script is a simple way to move sequences from Final Cut into a Composition in After Effects with each shot in a separate layer in After Effects. Not only does it allow you to work faster, it also saves storage space.

Guess there are other options out there like automatic duck, but this one is free and works like a charm.

Ross Gerbasi, the guy who created this script is working an a new version which allows working with proxy files and workflow optimization for working with RED footage.

Download the script over here:

TNick Khoo shows how to use a FREE tool to take your Final Cut Pro project and import it into After Effects without rendering. Plus we get some free after effects plugin’s,some sweet Photoshop brushes and answer all of your WordPress questions.

For more information and show notes visit:


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