Review: Ripple Jumps, Mapping in FCPX

August 20, 2013

by Jeff Riegel for Ripple Training

Ripple Jumps are a pair of transition mapping effects for FCPX that are longer than traditional transitions lasting about 4 seconds each.  Jumps allows you to graphically move your viewers from one place to another using either the 2-D Leap transition or the 3-D Bound transition.

Leap is a map effect that starts at one location on a map, pulls straight up, and then back down in a two-dimensional way to the second locale.  The Bound transition pulls back from a location at an angle giving it a 3-D feel.  That angle is fully adjustable to suit your desires.  Bound, because of it’s 3-D view, also allows for reflections on the map from text labels.

Both transitions work similarly; once you master one, you’ll understand them both.  Inspector controls are straightforward via FCPX.  The user interface is straightforward and simple to figure out, but a Quicktips checkbox is helpful for first-time help.  There are over a dozen world and country-region maps to choose from, or upload your own into the handy image well.  Scaling helps you to zoom in or out of the map to your liking.

Director View allows you to adjust the location points (pins) via simple onscreen controls by simply dragging them to wherever you’d like on your map.  The Z-key allows you to zoom in to fine tune your position.

Like text, the pins can be altered and manipulated using a nice dropdown window with four presets to choose from, then customized in any fashion.  Fonts, size, color, and outlines are all changeable.

The look of any map can be tinted with a solid or gradient color overlay further creating a one-of-a-kind unique look making your project stand out.  Additional drop zones and markers can be added on top of the default two markers.  Each pin can be a simple solid color, or contain a video or still via its own drop zone.  The ‘Show Path’ checkbox in the FCPX user interface will show or hide a solid line path between your location markers with up to six pins. I’d like more abilities with the ‘Show Path’ command, such as changing the solid path to dots or dashes.

I’d personally like to see more available built-in maps within the next version of Ripple Jumps.  Perhaps some kind of interaction with Google Earth or a list of worldwide government archived maps to be able to pull down more detailed maps from their large archive of towns and cities, past and present?  Even Google Earth’s map of the solar system and star charts might make for an interesting visual transition!

Save time and add extra visual panache to your projects that require some sort of depiction of travel by using Ripple Jumps.  As always, a free trial is available through the free download of Noise Industries’ FxFactory.

Special thanks to Noise Industries and Zazil Media Group for allowing me the opportunity to spend time with their fine products and to share my take on them all.  Come back tomorrow when I describe my time with Hawaiki Color.

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