How non-Dropbox users can send files to your Dropbox account

August 29, 2013

by Rick Broida, PCWorld

As any Dropbox user knows, it’s pretty easy to share a cloud-stored file with someone; just click the share icon to get a link you can distribute as needed.

Ah, but what about the other way around? What if someone wants to send a file to you via Dropbox? Unless they have Dropbox accounts of their own, they can’t.

Now they can. FREE Browser-based Dbinbox enables Dropbox sharing in the other direction: It generates a custom link that others can use to send files to your Dropbox.

All you do is type in a desired user name, then click Link with your Dropbox. You’ll have to give Dbinbox permission, of course, after which you’ll find a newly added Dbinbox folder inside your Apps folder.

Now, just hand out your custom Dbinbox link. When someone uses it, he or she can drag and drop files right to the browser window or use a file selector. There’s even an option to send a message (which gets delivered as a text file), a nice touch.

For a little added security, Dbinbox lets you create an access code you can require users to enter before sending files your way.

This is a great little service that overcomes one of Dropbox’s hassles—few and far between as they are. There’s no charge to use it, though the developer does accept Bitcoin donations.

Click here to go to the original article on PCWorld.

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