10 Questions Every Filmmaker Should Ask Themselves

September 3, 2013

By Marc Schiller, Truly Free Film

Back in early May, I had the pleasure of attending “A2E: Artist To Entrepreneur” a fantastic lab organized by Ted Hope and the San Francisco Film Society. Over a three day period, a group of extremely talented filmmakers, technologists, marketing and distribution experts came together to explore new paradigms for film distribution.

On the first day of the lab, Ted and his team passed around a worksheet that all of the filmmakers were asked to complete. While filmmakers are often asked to submit information when applying for funding, few are compelled to explore their film from a marketing and distribution perspective as effectively and as thoroughly as the A2E worksheet demanded.

In the weeks following the A2E sessions, I’ve found myself adapting, expanding, and – most importunity – relying upon, the worksheet to set the foundations of our marketing and distribution strategies. Now at over seventy questions, it’s become an essential part of the BOND360 process.

Included in the worksheet are ten essential questions that every filmmaker should explore. In many ways they create the backbone of any successful marketing campaign.

So if you are embarking on a release of your film here are ten questions that you should ask yourself and then share with the broader team:

  1. What does the film say about the world we live in?
  2. What universal themes are explored in your film?
  3. Briefly describe the appeal you think your film will have for audiences (and why)
  4. List ten or more keywords to describe your film.
  5. What emotions do you feel your film brings forth in viewers?
  6. What are your film’s strengths?
  7. What are your film’s weaknesses?
  8. What are the unique opportunities with your film?
  9. What are the threats?
  10. How does your film primarily differentiate or distinguish itself from other work?

Links: San Francisco Film Society A2E Website

Marc Schiller, Founder and CEO of BOND Strategy and Influence, is an accomplished executive with a wealth of industry and entrepreneurial knowledge in brand strategy, marketing, and public relations. Marc has recently lead the marketing strategy for such films as Exit Through The Gift Shop, SENNA, The Imposter, and many others.

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