Free 4K Stock Video: Smoke Effects

September 24, 2013

by Mitch Martinez

Add smoke to your video footage with these free stock video clips – perfect for trailers, video opens or logo reveals.

Free Stock Video

Shot on a RED Epic and captured at 4K resolution, these high quality shots are great to have in your own stock video library. Philadelphia based Director of Photography Mitch Martinez is offering 40 unique smoke stock video shots, from thick walls of smoke to thin smoke streams.

These stock video clips could serve a variety of uses in your video projects – composite them into the shot for special effects or use them to set a mood or tone for a film/video intro. Stripping out the black background in the shots is easy by applying a Screen blending mode or a simple Luma key (standard effects in most video editing and motion graphics apps).

Many thanks to Mitch for offering up these high quality smoke stock video shots!

Download the free clips on his site.

Downloading the stock footage is simple.

On the main “DOWNLOADS” page you are able to filter the stock footage by clicking the category of footage you would like to see.  This helps unclutter the clips that are available to you.

For each clip there is a preview link (*the magnifying glass icon) and the direct download page link (*the link icon).


When on the direct download link page for the clip(s) that you want, simply click the link for download to get the clip.

If for any reason the download does not initiate from clicking the download button, you may need to right click and “save as”, “save target as”, or “save link as”.


If you have any questions or problems, feel free to e-mail Mitch Martinez directly at mitch [at] mitchmartinez [dot] com – or use the contact form on the CONTACT PAGE.



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