A FREE FCPX workflow tool that delivers your entire timeline to After Effects

October 4, 2013

by clipexporter.mindtransplant.com

A simple post-production workflow tool that delivers your entire timeline to After Effects or batch exports selected clips as Quicktime movies or Nuke files. Free and open source.


ClipExporter is a free workflow and export tool for Final Cut Pro X.

ClipExporter opens exported Final Cut Pro X projects (fcpxml) and exports each clip as a Quicktime (reference) movie, Nuke file or Syntheyes importable file. It also exports whole timelines (or just parts of it) to After Effects by translating all edits and many parameters. All clips can be extended by a certain number of handle frames. ClipExporter keeps your post-production workflow organized by creating a shot based folder structure with customizable subfolders.

Introduction – version 1.0

Introduction - version 1.0

What´s New – version 1.1

What´s New - version 1.1

What´s New – version 1.2

What´s New - version 1.2


  • Export for After Effects. Translates complete projects to compositions. To find out more see the After Effects export section of the manual.
  • Exports raw video clips as Quicktime reference or self-contained movies. These files can be opened in other applications like Mocha, Motion, PFTrack etc.
  • Exports Nuke files. All in-/out-frames and timeline positions match your exported Final Cut Pro X project.
  • Export for Syntheyes. A custom file format is created for import in Syntheyes. Therefore an importer sizzle-script is required, which can be downloaded >>here.
  • Supports roles for selective export of a single clip or a group of clips.
  • Adds handle frames (optionally). Extends each clip length by a given number of frames.
  • Creates a shot based folder structure with naming conventions and custom subfolders.
  • Sorts all generated files into predefined subfolders.
  • Saves disc space by referring to the original source media. No files are copied.


Known issues

  • ClipExporter does not export timelines as a whole as Quicktime Reference movies (just like FCP 7 did)!
  • Retimed clips are only supported for After Effects export. Please “unretime” all clips before export. ClipExporter warns you, if re-timed clips were found in your project.
  • Effects, translations, animations and every other Final Cut Pro X related modification on a clip will be discarded (Nuke and Quicktime only).
  • Video-clips with unsupported or odd fps (frames per second) values could cause inaccurate timing results. We encountered such problems while using unconverted iPhone videos that were shot with the built-in camera app.
  • Event-XMLs are not supported.
Tip: Be aware that Adobe applications by default write XMP metadata to the source media files on import. This modifies your files and therefore FCP X occasionally looses it´s connection to the media files. We recommend to disable writing XMP data in After Effects: Preferences->Media &amp Disk Cache->Write XMP…

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