Export still images from Final Cut Pro X

October 15, 2013

by fcp.co


Do you need to export a lot of stills from a Final Cut Pro X timeline for reference or publication to the web? A new free application called FCPXImageExporter that was born over the weekend will do the job automatically.

We have a very active Forum here on FCP.co and over the weekend it saw the birth and subsequent user feedback modified updates of a new application which will help Final Cut Pro X editors.

FCPXImageExporter will automatically save a still image from each marker placed on a project’s timeline. With one of the most succinct demo videos ever, this handy little application looks incredibly simple to use. Just export FCPXML, drag that file on to the app with a destination and away you go.


Adam Teale from Orangutan Productions told us more:

Orangutan is a small production based in Santiago Chile. On Friday we had a client ask if we could export a bunch of frames from a project that they could use for other purposes like their website.  The project is over an hour long so it didn’t really allow for me to export an image sequence and later go through and pick out frames. In the end we gave them over 700 frames to choose from!
Manually exporting them from FCP X would have been a nightmare (I think I’d still be at the office doing it!) so I had a quick look at using standard markers in the timeline and how they would appear in an fcpxml. It looked understandable enough for me to be able to try to manipulate it with some code. After a few hours in Xcode I had something working and delivered the images to the client.
It seemed pretty useful so I thought I’d jump on the forum and share it – hoping it was going to work, pretty untested, for most people. Sure enough some people had some issues which I think I have resolved in the latest release – fingers crossed!

FCPXImageExporter 3

It’s pretty simple, you just drop your fcpxml file on the XML icon and a destination folder on the folder image, select the image format you like, hit export – and wait!

FCPXImageExporter 2


Adam adds: Any effects and generators that are applied will not appear, also the output size of the image at the moment is the original material’s resolution. We don’t see this as a problem as most editors will probably be using it for documentary style editing.

A big thank you to Adam at Orangutan for building the app and making it freely available online for any editor who needs to export a numerous stills from their projects. We have all been there at one time or another! It is also another great example of the expanding Final Cut Pro X ecosystem and how the database driven structure of FCPX allows the creation of some great tools.

We also have to thank our Forum members who helped contribute to the two updates over the weekend.

Ronny Courtens posted:

“If you compare this with exporting individual stills from within FCPX, this first version is already blazing fast. I like this little app very, very much!”




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