Freebies by Cineflare

October 22, 2013

by Cineflare

I’ve recently become a fan of Cineflare and their huge assortment of what they have to offer FCPX user’s, including these freebies which they change every few months.  As their page says, check back often! Click here for downloads.

Spectrum for FCPX

QuickLooks FOR FCPX $0

Includes three color grades from our full color suite called Spectrum. Hit the download button or see more info about the full product.
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Adjustment Layer for FCPX

Adjustment Layer FOR FCPX $0

Add an adjustment layer over your clips and make a change to all of them at once! This is a must-have tool for any editor using FCPX.
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Pan Right for FCPX


Quickly add a panning effect to your footage. Drag and drop and let Pan Right do the rest. This comes from our product called Tilt Shift.
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Check back often…we change and update our free area every couple of months.

In order to download a free product, you need need to enter a real e-mail address. After doing so, you will be directed to the download screen and also receive the download link in your inbox. We periodically send out updates to our newest products with special discount codes to our e-mail subscribers.



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