Review: XEffects Toolkit from Idustrial Revolution

December 2, 2013

by Jeff Riegel for Idustrial Revolution

XEffects Toolkit for Final Cut Pro X (FCPX)

XEffects Toolkit from Idustrial Revolution is a helpful set of more than 50 effects for Final Cut Pro X, now available through Noise Industries FxFactory.  Their motto , “designed by editors for editors,” makes many of the common yet mundane tasks quicker and easier via the FCPX inspector.

Like many of the effects by Idustrial Revolution, these give more than a wide variety of functionality and parameter choices in either the FCPX inspector or the simple onscreen controls.  Either way, its easy to modify the default looks to suite your own taste.

XEffects Toolkit by Idustrial Revolution

I found a number of the tools quite useful and time saving.  Among my favorites are the two Add Gloss effects that give text and graphics a neat 3-D “mac-look” with simple onscreen control.  Others include Alpha Adjust and Make Alpha which instantly changes a white background to a transparent; 3D Spotlight, 3D Perspective Pro, Underliner, a very handy Tilt Shift, Adjustment Layer which works like After Effects in that you can add multiple FX and color correction options over your video, White and Black Crusher, Widescreen Matte, and Skyshader that makes your skies pop while leaving the rest of your scene intact.  Guides Crosshair and Guides Centered are very useful rather than having to “eyeball” on screen text and graphics.

Of the 50-some options, there are indeed a handful I just couldn’t use in any of my projects.  That’s not to say others won’t, such as 3D preditors and compositors, but I have no need for RGB Channel Adjust, RGB Time Adjust, Channel Swap, as well as the 1980’s Thermal Imager, Glow Edges, Glow Stars, and Lens Doubler effects.  The Zoom Split Analysis option creates a side-by-side comparison of your original footage with a digital zoomed version of the same.  However, the zoom effect quickly becomes soft, blurred and pixilated with increased zoom much like a point and shoot camera does once past it’s optical zoom and into the digital zoom function.  Visually, I only see this option working best with 3K+ footage to keep both the original and the digitally-zoomed image crisp and clear.

Other traditional visual FX are convenient yet nothing to dwell on, including multiple color Fades, 8 Point Garbage Matte, Picture-in-Picture, Vertical and Horizontal Splits, Auto Zoom, Auto Rotate, and Subtitles.  I do like the Security Camera look with tint and grain settings that can be altered and applied to any footage to create instant atmosphere.  Think the ability to create a ‘Matrix’ green or ‘Dark Knight’ blue scene within a few clicks.

A generic Countdown Clock and Slate will save you a few minutes of time and available in 25fps and 29.97fps formats.  A Telestrator is among the handful of highlighting and analysis tools within XEffects Toolkit that follows a path you set onscreen, handy for mapping projects.

Most of the hodge-podge of tools with Idustrial Revolution’s XEffects Toolkit are professional and useful, available at under a dollar per effect with a free (watermarked) trial that can be found at the Noise Industries FxFactory website.


Kudos to the Zazil Media Group and Idustrial Revolution for allowing me the opportunity to review this fine product for you.

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