PBS survey shows more people using Final Cut Pro than all the NLEs put together

December 10, 2013

by PBS.org via FCP.co

PBS survey FCPX

When we saw this PBS survery over the weekend, we were very pleased to see how Final Cut Pro dominated the post production section. We were even happier when we saw that we could embed it here on FCP.co.

At last, some rock solid indication of how Final Cut Pro (and more importantly) FCPX are doing in the post production market. Although one could argue that their sampling wasn’t high enough, this survey is nothing but good news for Apple. The survey was conducted in September of this year and shows that FCP7 & FCPX were used more than all the other NLEs put together. 1.5 times to be more precise.

The majority of Final Cut users are still on 7, but there is a healthy slice of FCPX users in there.

Apple have always been a bit coy on indicating how many copies of FCPX have been sold. All that we know is that there are more licences of FCPX out there than those of Final Cut Pro 7. It will be interesting to see the results of the same survey next year.

Click for larger version of the survey.

POV's 2013 Documentary Equipment Survey




6 thoughts on “PBS survey shows more people using Final Cut Pro than all the NLEs put together

    1. Hi Mickira– thanks for looking! I see you’ve been in the biz since 1991; a long time. I look forward to seeing your website once complete, too. I work on macs via Final Cut Pro 7, but am learning FCPX at the moment as well. I’ve done some software reviews using X for FxFactory’s plugins recently. I also occasionally use Premiere CS5.5, but most comfortable with FCP7. You?


      1. Hi Jefff- thanks for the reply. We currently work on a MAC too and most comfortable with Final Cut. We are currently completing a movie. We are looking for someone who can color correct. Do you have experience or any suggestions?

        Our site should be up and running Mid January.

        thanks again Jeff



      2. Hi Jeff,

        Actually it went pretty thanks. We found post production team that we like. We are just tightening up some cuts and we will hang it over for them to finish. We are really excited. Thanks for interest. 🙂


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