Final Cut 2013 – A Cinema Tribute

December 12, 2013


This video caught my eye on youtube today, since it was titled “Final Cut 2013 – A Cinema Tribute.”  Thinking it had something to do with FCPX or FCP7, I took a look.  I was pleasantly surprised, too.  Check it out…  this is taken from the youtube page:

Well folks we’re only a couple weeks from wrapping up 2013 and I honestly don’t know where the time went. It was another excellent year of cinema and we’re not even done yet by a long shot. From “Gravity” to “Nebraska”, every genre has been re-defined with amazing new films that I have no doubt will be loved for many years to come. So in tradition as I’ve done for the past two years, I’ve put together this huge mashup of 283 films from the year for everyone to enjoy. There was plenty of sleepless nights with this one but it was all worth it in the end and I hope you all think so as well.

I’d like to thank fellow editor Joel Walden for his continued and awesome support throughout the year as well as my best bud Fraser Lomas who always steers me in the right direction and was a huge help. Also a big thanks to all my fellow editors out there who have been making their own year-end tributes and doing an amazing job. Finally a big thanks to my family including my parents Julie and Bob plus Gumba who is the best dog in the world.

Thank you very much everyone for an epic year and here’s to 2014.



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