mObject is a revolutionary 3D plugin for Apple Motion and Final Cut Pro X

January 30, 2014


mObject is a revolutionary 3D plugin for Apple Motion and Final Cut Pro X.

See a whole lot more including product demo’s here

mobject fcpx motion

We have been teased with test renders and snippets of news about this plugin for a few weeks. It’s been well worth the wait as mObject brings amazing 3d textured objects and text into Motion and then into Final Cut Pro X.

Motion has been 3D for quite a few versions now. Well when we say 3D, the camera is 3d, but the scenes are built up from ‘postcards in space.’

MotionVFX has just released mObject, a $149 FxPlug based plugin that allows the user to import, texture, light and animate 3D models. The plugin responds to Motion’s tools such as the camera and lights making the object fit in naturally to a scene. It also means you don’t have to learn how to animate another GUI in 3D space.

This plugin is going to be fantastic for text, the built in 3D bevelling adds a lot of class to mundane text. Let’s face it, us editors have to display lots of text wether we are working on broadcast or corporate jobs. How many times have you scrolled up and down the font list in Motion looking for inspiration?

The plug doesn’t stop there, not only can you import vector files to extrude, it will also accept true 3D models.

Where are you going to find 3D models for use in the plugin we can hear you ask? MotionVFX has also released 4 packs of models to buy individually. The Sports, City, Military and Music pack all sell for $99 each.

There is also a Shaders pack for $99 that adds more textures as well as bundles that offer large discounts on the individual prices if bought together.

This plugin will open up a whole new level of creativity with Motion and thus Final Cut Pro X. Szymon has produced this intro to mObject where he runs through a few different examples of the plugin in action. We hope to have a few words from him soon on the plugin and how it was created.

We would urge you to watch the tutorials in the playlist below as this plugin is very flexible and it’s capable of very complex effects. There are seven in this playlist!


It’s a shame that Apple has stopped adding big new features to Motion. It had a lick of paint when FCPX was released and a few small extras added, but more or less, it has remained the same for a few years. This new plugin from MotionVFX adds a great new dimension to Motion and although it’s costs three times the price of the app, the results will look like they have been made on systems costing a lot, lot more. We like it a lot.

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