Download, Edit, Get Feedback, Learn. Repeat.

February 14, 2014


Professional editors know that there is no book they can read, DVD they can watch, or seminar they can attend, which will instantly make them great editors.  Editors hone their creative skill through thousands of hours of cutting, getting feedback, and then re-cutting the same material. This cycle is what expands their creative tool kits and stretches what we all think is possible to do with a limited amount of material.  It is also the founding principle of EditStock.

EditStock creates this feedback loop by providing low cost, professionally shot content, and then encouraging its customers to submit their edited videos for creative feedback notes. There is no limit to the number of times a customer can request feedback and no charge for additional requests.

Through trial and error professional editors learn what kinds of genres they are strongest at. Editors specialize in music videos, documentaries, film and television, commercials, and so on. We believe that new editors should try all these genres out to learn what they enjoy cutting the most. EditStock provides a safe way for students, and editors looking for a change, to experiment with a different genre. This is much safer than the traditional way of taking a new job in which failure can have career consequences.

EditStock is needed because currently footage used in the classroom is old, incomplete, or simply unavailable.  Many film schools reuse the same footage for decades, leaving generations of students with nothing new to practice with, and teachers re-watching the same footage a million times. Many high schools and colleges do not have any practice footage leaving students without the opportunity to even try editing, let alone understand it’s importance.

EditStock believes that the knowledge of how video media is assembled, and more importantly what choices are made to show or not show content, is critical for everyone to understand. We believe that editing a new form of literacy. Our mission is to provide everyone with the opportunity to practice editing, and learn how to think like an editor.

Download… Professional, award winning, short film footage, and start practicing editing in minutes.

Edit… Each scene includes all of the filmed footage. Scripts are provided in most cases.

Get Feedback… After you finish editing, upload your cut for feedback from a professional editor, as many times as you’d like.



Easy footage for beginners who are just getting their feet wet. First time opening up your editing software? Start here!



So you know how to cut some footage together, but what about complicated scenes with multiple cameras? Trying to step up your game?



Mastered the art of editing, and now you’re passing down your secrets to your pupils? Check out our educational philosophy.

Go to


*Another great learning opportunity, though not for free, is the Editor’s Retreat held each year… Specifically for TV, film and video editors, it’s your opportunity to:

Take a step back to fully evaluate your creative process.  Enhance your skills with advanced training in post, visual and audio techniques taught by industry’s most celebrated editors, like William “Billy” Goldberg, Steve Audette, Abba Shapiro, Steve Bayes, and more.  And as you gain new perspective on emerging trends and evolving technologies, you’ll question your own boundaries, pushing the limits of what’s possible and adding a whole new dimension to your finished results.

Rekindle your love for creative expression and production excellence.  Spend time discussing what makes a successful editor; exchange creative ideas with other participants; get inspired by keynote speakers. The Editor’s Retreat offers an intimate setting and an invigorating program, sure to remind you why you became a production editor and renew your passion for your craft.

Surround yourself with other creative geniuses. Let your hair down with other like-minded professionals of similar talents and experience. Enjoy a beer poolside and play poker with some of the best editors in the industry. Besides skill-building training classes, the Editor’s Retreat includes plenty of down time, so you can relax and take that much needed break.

The Editor’s Retreat is reserved for a small, elite group of experienced editors selected through an application process.  Our goal is to help you expand your professional network and build lasting relationships with the other attendees and instructors.  We invite you to join this influential community.


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