When to Use Optimized, Proxy, or Native Media in Final Cut Pro X

February 18, 2014

by Larry Jordan

Larry Jordan provides an article outlining the different types of media formats that can be used in Final Cut Pro X and what to consider when deciding which one to use.

He writes, “There are three different types of video media used by Final Cut Pro X:

  • Camera native
  • Optimized (ProRes 422)
  • Proxy (ProRes 422 Proxy)

Camera native media can use a wide variety of codecs, though only one codec is allowed per media file. Codecs include:

  • DV
  • HDV
  • H.264
  • ProRes

And those are just some of the more popular varieties of the hundreds of codecs that are currently in the market. So, which media format should you use? And how can you tell which one FCP X is using? Answering that question is the purpose of this article.”

Read the full story here on his site.


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