A new source for VFX inspiration

March 12, 2014



Digital Canvas honors the creative, innovative, and moving work in visual effects and storytelling. Here you will find expertly crafted content across film, television, and advertising that demonstrates excellence in motion graphics, editing, animation, and of course, VFX. The best part—our content is curated by top-notch VFX professionals, artists and animators, like you.  They scour the web for work that entertains and inspires them in their day to day work—from established post houses to independent artists.

Digital Canvas is proudly supported by GenArts, the makers of Sapphire.



I am a designer and animator for an advertising agency. My work includes design, animation, modeling, texturing and compositing.Everything in this world is an inspiration to me. Traveling is the best way to spark creativity, seeing places you never knew existed and touching things that you have only seen in references. But when work keeps me from exploring the world, I am inspired by other artists work, their passions and unique ways of problem solving.  See Posts by MindInMotion


I am a Senior Designer at a design house outside of Boston (though I originally hail from Ireland). In addition to my work, I paint, design, animate, and art direct a diverse palette of projects.I’m inspired by passionate work with integrity and soul. My fondness for subtlety is profound because it speaks volumes to an artist’s maturity and conceptual scope. Collaboration fuels the fire of innovation and what I love more than a creative professional is a professional creative. See Posts by DoubleU



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