5 Years in the Making!

March 15, 2014

We’re writing outside of our usual weekday routine to thank our viewers for their patronage these past five years.  Yes– its been five years this week that our weekday blog started back in March 2009.  Now we have 531 other amazing people who follow us daily with an auto-email of our posts, almost 225,000 total views, over 2900 tags, and daily views from most countries around the globe.

We respond to every single legitimate question (outside of spammers!) with an honest answer based on our experiences in the media field.  And, if we can’t find an answer, will try to send you in the right direction.  But no single answer is the only answer, just like there is no one final way to create.

We want to be around for another five years.  Send us a one-liner, if thats all the time you have, to send us suggestions on what YOU want to see and learn about.  This world of media, photography, web, social media, video… it evolves daily.  Someday, all these ones and zero’s will come even closer together as they have over the past five years. Who knows where it’s all going?

We want to be there with you over the next five years when that happens…


2 thoughts on “5 Years in the Making!

  1. Jeff

    For videographer s you are the best kept secret on the web! Congratulations on 5 years of excellent reporting!

    Mike Schneider


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