Using Different Timelines in Final Cut Pro X

March 27, 2014

by Richard Taylor, Creative Planet


In Final Cut Pro 10.1, you edit in a timeline. Just as in previous versions of Final Cut Pro, there are two types of timelines,Project timelines and Compound Clip timelines. Every Project equals a single timeline.

In prior versions of Final Cut Pro, one mainly used Compound Clip timelines to eliminate using a two folder system, one folder for Events and one folder for Projects. Working with a single Event folder using Compound Clip timelines made media management and archiving much simpler.

The Final Cut Pro team changed 10.1 to a similar one folder system with Libraries. But even with 10.1’s single Library system, we still find ourselves using Compound Clip timelines along with Project timelines. In this tutorial Richard goes over some of the advantages of using each kind of timeline.

In the below video, Richard Taylor shows how to use both project timelines and compound clip timelines within Final Cut Pro X 10.1, and some of the advantages of each.

Watch below.


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