After Effects TUTORIAL – How to Turn a 2D Image into 3D using a Displacement Map

April 9, 2014

by Tara Arts Movie

In this tutorial,  Tara Arts Movie shows you how to make a 3D looking image from just a static 2D image using Photoshop and After Effects from ADOBE.  The end result is kinda cool.  This effect is really handy to bring to life stills when its not possible to gain any video footage. You may remember this effect from the activist film Kony 2012 where they used it to great effect.

Search on youtube for more videos on ‘Displacement Maps’ to create this unique and somewhat easy look to spice up your static photos with more than just a Ken Burns effect.

IF you don’t have after effects or would rather bypass it, here’s another video showing how to do it using only Photoshop your NLE…



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